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Land Use Law And Environmental Protection

Anyone involved with protecting the environment understands the importance of land use law. Working for local laws that protect our communities and environment and ensuring that developers major corporations and local businesses comply with the existing land use rules are critical components in the fight to protect our environment. This is a legal battle that requires the help of an experienced team of attorneys.

Bricklin & Newman LLP represents community groups, individuals, and environmental organizations who are fighting against development proposals that could harm the environment and/or have adverse impacts to their communities. Our three lead attorneys have more than 80 years of combined experience. We have experience in not only environmental issues, but also many property disputes related to land use and zoning and their impact on the environment. Our lawyers know how to handle land use issues to help protect the environment.

A Multi-Front Battle

There is no one simple way to summarize the battles we fight on the front lines of environmental protection. We handle legal issues that include:

  • Regulations: When local governments adopt development regulations and zoning that allows activities that will harm the environment or the community fabric, we get involved in the legislative and appeals process to fight against these changes. This fight can involve working with local governments or challenging zoning regulations as violations of state or federal environmental protection laws.
  • Land Use Permitting: When a developer or landowner proposes a development that is inconsistent with legal requirements for protecting the environment and our communities, we fight back. We provide guidance, consultation, and representation throughout the entire land use process for people and organizations who are adversely impacted by irresponsible development.
  • Litigation: Not all of our land use and zoning cases end up in the court, but when they do, our lawyers have extensive experience and knowledge that’s necessary to effectively engage in state and federal litigation on behalf of our clients.

When there is any type of problem with land use, our lawyers take the time to assess the situation and create a sound strategy. We work in tandem with our clients throughout the process to ensure we get results.

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